Água de Pena Trail 2019

The 4th edition of the Trail de Água de Pena was held in Madeira Island the last 14th of September with the participation of near 250 athletes. The event organised by the local club ADRAP was composed by two races, Long Trail with 25Km and 1300D+ and a Short Trail with 16Km and 400D+.
In a very disputed race, Elton Gomes won the Long Trail over Miguel Ferreira and Silvio Cró. On the ladies race, Marilisa Fernandes ended first, followed by Telma Alves e Carla Caires. The Short Trail had no surprises with both men and women being dominated by Américo Caldeira and Luísa freitas. These two athletes have won every single race they entered this season and they are the new Madeira Champions of Short Trail.
For the record here are the pictures of a well organised, well marked and very hot race!
Have fun and see you on the NaturNorte Vertical Km in less than a week.