Cristo Rei Trail 2019 in Pictures

The fifth edition of The Cristo Rei Trail was on the 29th June with the presence of 305 athletes distributed trough 3 races. Long Trail with 25km and 1000 D+, Short Trail with 10,5km and Youth Trail with 2Km. The race, organised by Galomar had a new trace, designed to escape a lot of the tarmac of the previous edition.
The Long Trail was won by Miguel Fereira that needed 2:01:13 to finish the race. On the ladies, Olivia Sousa was the winner. On the Short Trail, Emanuel Freitas and Luísa Freitas smashed the competition. last but not least, the Youth Trail that had a presence of 20 athletes with is a good sign for the trail running in Madeira.
Next photo report will be Porto da Cruz Trail Natura on the 21st of July. One of the most beautiful trails in Madeira.
Se you there… have fun

Alexandre  Vieira